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Owner, Pyper Creative, LLC

Cody's love for filmmaking stems from his passion for storytelling. Story is the key way we communicate and interpret our world, and has the unbelievable potential to change and impact people.


Cody's first projects were films made with siblings and friends, using any equipment they could get their hands on. At the time it was just for fun, but as Cody learned and studied more about the process and the art behind film, the more he fell in love with, and pursued the craft.


After receiving a B.A. in Film Studies at UNC Wilmington, he went on to work full time as a film director and live production director. He has directed a few award winning short films, and has produced an award winning feature length film.


He has experience in many different genres and formats, but his focus is on narrative film production. Cody's interest in story and content doesn't overshadow his fascination for the technical aspects of production. He understands how crews and departments accomplish their tasks, and how they solve problems. This allows him to balance the creative with the technical, and lead productions efficiently and successfully.



PHONE: (919) 208-9684

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