Brock Breaks Everything | Short Film | My RODE Reel 2019


Brock has broken everything his whole life, but one night, that all changes... Vote Here!

RUN │ Testing The C-Pan Arm From 9.Solutions


In this video, we were testing out a product called the C-Pan Arm from a company called 9.Solutions ( They sent this product to us for us to test out, and discuss it on a panel at the Capture Summit Conference in Apex, NC on August 6-7, 2019. We made this video to really get a feel for the C-Pan Arm and all that it can do (which is a LOT). I have a full review video coming out soon so stay tuned for that. Enjoy!

100 Seconds of 100 Pennies to Celebrate 100 Subscribers


Much love for the subs!



My Brother Proposed! │ Shooting Engagement Photos

Today we're shooting engagement photos for Brock and Carli! We go behind the scenes to see the plan and the execution. Congratulations to the soon to be married couple (Spoiler Alert: She Said Yes)





5 Tips on How to Shoot Great Pictures of Fireworks!

Yay America!







How to Stitch Multiple Photos into one EPIC Photo! | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Hey guys I'm back from vacation and brought some cool photos back with me! This particular photo inspired me to do a video for the fans who want to learn how to stitch multiple images into one epic photo. This is a pretty advanced tutorial, but the ideas can be used in many situations. If you have any questions about any step along the way feel free to reach out. Now get to stitching!











FEATURED ON CREATIVE COW!                               


Adobe After Effects Tutorial | Content-Aware Fill - WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK


What’s up everybody!

There’s a new feature in Adobe After Effects called Content-Aware Fill that allows you to remove anything from your shots fairly easily! It's pretty powerful, but if you’ve tried it you know that it doesn’t always work perfectly. In fact, it’s only in certain situations where it’s going to give you an acceptable result. So what do you do when it doesn’t work?? Check out the video to find out...  Leave a comment below if you have any questions and let me know what you want to see next!











FEATURED ON CREATIVE COW!                               






Today we are taking a look at the Brand New Panasonic S1H which is bringing 6K video to the DSLR/Mirrorless world.

Filmmaker’s Wife Tries to Guess the Names of Film Equipment


Hey guys, I’m back! This is the first installment of my wife, Lauren Pyper, trying to guess film stuff. In this video we take on film equipment, and in the next one we’ll learn about film set lingo. How many did you get right?


Luke David Pyper was born on 12/29/18 at 10:33pm. Weighing in at 8 lbs 2.5 oz, and 20.5 inches long, he is a happy healthy baby! This is a recap of our last month of pregnancy and his first few days. Enjoy!

For those of you asking -
Song: "Snow" by Sleeping at Last


What's up fans! Thanks for checking out my 7th Vlog! Here are the links to organizations supporting hurricane florence relief.

And here's a vid of when we actually met the Avett Brothers lol:

For those of you who actually read my descriptions:
Next week is my final Vlog of the year! With our baby due on December 19th, I want to focus on family and not have any more on my plate than I already have. I will start back up in 2019 though, so don't worry! I may occasionally post some updates on Luke and what not, but thanks for the love so far!

FRIDAY VLOG #6 - Thanksgiving 2018


So. Much. Food.



In today's Vlog we take a look back at the first trimester of pregnancy! A different style from the previous episodes, so enjoy!

Links -
Pregnancy Announcement Video:

Kevin and Heidi Light's Wedding Film:

Preacher King Series:

With You:



Two words. Got 'em.

Links to the websites mentioned:

Rachel Henning Realty

Jesse Henning Media

Thais Ferreira

Reach Teach Release



Birthdays... Surprises... and the Curious Case of the Missing Earring...

Link to the tutorial:



This is what a typical Sunday at newhope church as a video director looks like. Most of the time you see the videos I work on for newhope and for my personal business, but this is a big part of my job at newhope too!

Also: LOL so you can't do links inside of videos anymore so here's the link for Jesse's website:



First Friday Vlog! I'm gonna be releasing videos about my life and my journey trying to become an awesome film director and an awesome Dad. Sounds boring... but is it? That's for you to decide.

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